Missed You, Blog!

Dear Blog,

I truly missed you in the past year. I hope you don’t resent me for taking you out of my life for a while. Yes, I know you called me over and over. I heard the ring.

The truth is, it was just too much to bear–knowing you were there yet being unable to find the time to commit. Okay, maybe you’re right. Maybe that’s just an excuse. Still, now that we’ve reunited, I’m joyous! How will I fill your blank pages…well, not pages, but your blankness? (Don’t take that personally, please. I didn’t mean it that way. Really, I didn’t.)

As we become reacquainted, I feel the jitters. You do too? Oh! (Blush)  Well, I sort of  wonder, how will our new relationship develop? Will we talk about my new book, Laugh with the Moon? Will we explore the publications of so many other kidlit authors? Will we think about a new project that the two of us might embark on together?

I’m sure you’ve noticed…it’s a whole new world since we last dated. Excited that we’re back on track!

Love (Don’t freak out now! We’ll take it slow…),


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