Teachers Rock

Shana visits with student teachers at U.T.

My visit to Dr. Nancy Roser and Dr. Bonnie Elliott’s students at the University of Texas confirmed what I already knew: Teachers rock! These were the most inquisitive, motivated, and interesting students I’ve met in a while–and they are all studying to become teachers. There are lucky kids in the world, I tell you.

Dr. Roser with students


When Dr. Roser told me that the evening would begin with a Quaker meeting-style reading, I had no idea what to expect. Sixty students opened their copies of A Thousand Never Evers, which they’d spent the last month reading and discussing. One by one, they read out lines from the book that had grabbed them, or moved them in some way. Honestly, it was one of the most intense experiences of my life. To know that those sentences I had spent years constructing, changing, struggling with had actually been heard and appreciated was almost overwhelming.

When Gayle came up to get her book signed, I noticed it was…er….just a bit marked up!

I then told myself not to lose it, and I proceeded to talk about how to think like a writer. I must admit, I gave away some of my best writing secrets. And then they asked many questions, I signed books, and everyone enjoyed some pizza.

Signing books! One of my favorite hobbies.

Thank you students…I mean, teachers…I mean student teachers!

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