Hardy Oak: Reading in Action

Venn 1

What is so cool about the Hardy Oak Elementary School book club is the hands-on way that kids are reading Laugh with the Moon. Librarian Jo Chasse and parentBook Club at Hardy Oak volunteer Casey Herridge sure know how to make books come to life!

Hanging from the library ceiling and lining the shelves, you will find all sorts of artifacts from the pages of the book: a mosquito net, the school uniform worn by Clare, a soccer ball made from recycled plastic bags.

Students in the book club have made Venn diagrams of the way their lives are similar and different from those of their peers at Mzanga Full Primary School in Malawi.

You will also run into students who are empowered by their reading to change the world. Led by students Avery and Melissa, kids at Hardy Oak are baking and babysitting to raise money that will support K.I.N.D.–a Unicef program for Malawian kids in need of desks. It was such an inspiration to visit this school!


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  1. Shana,
    What a great story and experience for you. I love seeing the pictures and hearing the enthusiasm leap off this post. Great idea for Venn diagrams, too.

    • Well, I love seeing Glory B. everywhere I go! Thanks for your comment, Augusta. Hope our paths cross soon.

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