Mbatata Biscuits!

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise when I visited Nan Clayton Elementary School in Austin. One very special third grader had baked me a sweet treat–mbatata mbatata and Jamesbiscuits! This traditional Malawian recipe is in the back of Laugh with the Moon. It turns out James can cook. He substituted canned pumpkin for the yams and let me tell you, these biscuits are delicious!

Even more impressive, I learned that James and his sister sold these biscuits along with lemonade at a stand set up to benefit a very young child with cancer. They raised $108 to help this toddler get the treatment he needs! That is completely yaboo! In case you’re wondering, yaboo means awesome in Chichewa, one of the languages spoken in Malawi, Africa. Of course, the students at the Nan Clayton Elementary School already know that 🙂



Posted in Laugh with the Moon on 10/10/2013 05:05 pm

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  1. Priscilla Crain

    That is very yaboo! James enjoyed meeting you and sharing his mbata biscuits with you. He’s so happy you thought they were delicious. I loved watching him come home excited that he was able to read your book at school and continue reading at home. Thank you!

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