Words Across the World

BookPeople, the Austin Independent School District, and Penguin Random House are joining forces to launch Words Across the World. This program encourages cross-cultural exploration through reading and writing. As we speak, thousands of students in Malawi and Austin are exchanging pen pal letters, as they read Laugh with the Moon.

These letters have traveled 8,000 miles--from Malawi to Kenya to London to New York to Ohio to Texas!

These letters have traveled more than 9,000 miles–from Malawi to Kenya to London to New York to Ohio to Texas!

“Although known as the Warm ¬†Heart of Africa, Malawi has a UN Human Development Index (a composite index encompassing health, education, and income) that is 170th out of the world’s 187 countries, well below the average in Africa. The per capita GDP is $258 per year,” says Dr. Kevin Bergman of World Altering Medicine. “While very significant health improvements have been made over the past decade,¬†Malawi’s health challenges are staggering.”

As part of Words Across the World, students in Austin are pooling their pennies to buy life-saving malaria medicine for children in Malawi. “We are grateful to the students and teachers who enable us to do our work,” Dr. Bergman says.

Additionally, customers at BookPeople will have a chance to support the program at the store. And Penguin Random House will donate copies of Laugh with the Moon to students in rural Malawi, so they can read a story set in their own world.

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