Clear Spring Elementary

Wow! Those kids at Clear Spring Elementary sure know how to show an author a good time. The fourth and fifth-grade students had all read Laugh with the Moon, and they asked the most thought-provoking questions. They showed me the amazing essays that they had written about Clare’s journey to Malawi.


Can you believe that just like Clare in the story, Diego has a pet chicken? Well, Diego’s isn’t an actual real live pet chicken–his is on Minecraft. But both Clare and Diego’s chickens are named Fred!


Penelope wrote that she liked the play that Clare and Memory helped the younger students perform at Mzanga Full Primary school. Zikomo, Penelope!


David wrote about the little bongololo incident that happened in Clare’s new classroom. Bongololo means centipede in the Chichewa language, so let’s just say the whole scene wasn’t very pretty.

Much thanks to the students, teachers, principal, and especially librarian Barbara Ott-Slaven for a great day!




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