Chapter 13

  1. In the first paragraph of this chapter, Addie Ann says that if she didn’t have Ralphie, she’d go “cockadoodle mad.” The author made up a new use for the word “cockadoodle” that seems to fit. Take an existing word and use it in a sentence in a brand new way.
  2. The first time Addie Ann talked to her missing brother, she said she saw “yellow and orange glitter.” Now she tries to talk to Elias again, but she doesn’t see the glitter. What does the glitter symbolize? Is the glitter real or imaginary?
  3. Addie Ann says she has a “soul connection” with her brother. That’s why she’s sure he’s alive. Have you ever had a soul connection with someone? Can you prove it existed? Explain.


Going Deeper:

Delilah wants to be a fashion model, but in the 1960s there were not many black fashion models. Sometimes black models would pose, and an illustrator would draw her picture, only to make her skin lighter or her features whiter. Click here to read Shana Burg’s interview with Dr. Laila Haidarali, an expert in the black modeling industry of the 1950s. Do we have a broader image of beauty today? Support your opinion with examples.

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Girls and Doll


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