Chapter 16

  1. Addie Ann sits down in class. Her teacher,  Mrs. Jacks, looks at the students. Addie Ann wonders if Mrs. Jacks sees the bald spot in the middle of her left eyebrow. What does this thought of Addie Ann’s tell us about how she’s feeling? Have you ever felt the same way that Addie Ann does at that moment? If yes, when?
  2. Mrs. Jacks tells the students, “As Negroes, we’ve got to run faster, work harder, and think better than all the white folks combined, so that’s what I’m going to expect y’all to do.” Why does Mrs. Jacks say this? Was it a true statement at the time? Is it true today? Why or why not?
  3. After the first day of school, Addie Ann is in bed crying. She says, “I know my brother’s spirit is here—not his ghost but his spirit.” What does she mean?

Homemade see-saw in the Mississippi Delta


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