Chapter 21

  1. After the reverend tells the black citizens to go back to their homes, Addie Ann sits outside with Delilah and Cool Breeze. Addie Ann cracks jokes and jumps rope. Do her actions reflect her feelings? Why or why not?
  2. Why does Addie Ann think that Mr. Mudge will raise prices in his store higher than a cat’s back?
  3. Does Addie Ann have a good idea about loading up on vegetables at the Corner Store? Why or why not?
  4. Honey Worth meets Addie Ann in the woods and issues a warning. What is the warning? Why does Honey do this? What do we learn about Honey in this scene?
  5. When Reverend Walker comes to Addie Ann’s house, he says “There comes a time for a man when his dignity’s worth more than his life.” How would you define dignity? Do you agree or disagree with what Reverend Walker said? Why? Which people in history acted like their dignity was worth more than their life?



A bystander is a person who stands by and watches, while one person hurts another. An upstander is someone who stands up and gets involved to protect or defend someone else.

Watch the video of Mrs. Dennis. She describes how when she was growing up, black children walked to school, while white children rode a school bus. She also talks about the public buses, in which white people rode up front while blacks had to sit in the seats in the back or stand.

Mrs. Dennis talks about a bus driver who was an upstander. What did he do? Have you ever met an upstander or been one yourself? Explain what happened.


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