Chapter 23

  1. In this chapter, what does Addie Ann learn about the meaning of home?
  2. What lie has Addie Ann’s family been keeping from her throughout her whole life? Why didn’t her family tell her the truth sooner? Do you think they were justified in telling this lie? How can grownups figure out when kids are ready to hear some difficult truths? Has anyone ever kept the truth from you because of your age? If yes, explain.
  3. Addie Ann says, “The sparks catch inside me. They burst into a river of flame.” What does Addie Ann mean when she says this? Think about previous times in the story when the author used fire and river imagery. Why do you think the author chose to use that particular language here?
  4. At the end of chapter 23, Addie Ann says, “When I hear that whisper, I know whose it is…I know that voice. It’s my own.” Why does Addie Ann finally recognize her own voice? Why did she mistake these whispers for her brother’s before?
  5. What does Addie Ann fear could happen to Uncle Bump? Do you think her fear is realistic or is she over-reacting? On what do you base your answer?



Watch the video of Mr. B. He describes the indignities and danger that African American suffered every day at the hands of white people.

What groups of people in your school, community, or world today have their dignity threatened every day? What groups of people live in daily fear?


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