Chapter 29

  1. When she testifies in court, Mrs. Tate says, “Folks don’t want to believe that two things—beauty and brains—can go together.” Why does she bring this up? Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use examples from your own life to support your opinion.
  2. Just after Mrs. Tate makes the comment about beauty and brains, Miss Springer tells her to “Quit whistlin’ Dixie!” What does Miss Springer mean by this? Was Mrs. Tate whistlin’ Dixie?
  3. A theme is an idea that is explored throughout a book. Loyalty is a big theme in this book. What is loyalty? In this chapter, who do we learn is a loyal person? Who do we learn is disloyal? Is it always better to be loyal, or are there exceptions? If yes, when?
  4. Why do you think Mrs. Tate decided to testify in court? What did she risk by doing this? Was it worth it? Why or why not?
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