Chapter 5

  1. List five people who are at the civil rights meeting. Briefly describe how each of them is connected to Addie Ann. (For example, Elias is her brother.)
  2. Who was Medgar Evers?
  3. Mr. Tubbs reads out President Kennedy’s speech that compared the fate of a black and white baby born in 1963. Do you think a black and white baby born today will grow up with an equal chance of going to college and getting a good job? To learn more, click here.

Going Deeper:

Listen to President Kennedy deliver his civil rights speech on June 11, 1963. The speech was televised just hours before Medgar Evers was assassinated. Click here to watch.


Ms. Minnie White Watson is the curator of the Medgar Evers House & Museum in Jackson, Mississippi. Watch the video that was taken inside the house where Mr. Evers lived with his wife and three children, until he was assassinated.

Activity: Imagine you work for the Jackson Advocate, which was the black newspaper in Jackson, Mississippi. Write an obituary chronicling Medgar Evers life and death for your readers. Then click here to see the front page of the June 22, 1963 edition of the Jackson Advocate, just after Medgar Evers was buried.

Click here to read more about Ms. White Watson and Medgar Evers. Be sure to click on the book icon in the corner of that page to see how this interview wound up in the text of A Thousand Never Evers.


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