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“Shana has been exactly what I needed to manage my content marketing. She has taken ownership of the schedule and managed the production in exactly the way I was hoping, to save me time and keep things on track when I’m traveling for clients. She’s a great project manager and in addition, since she joined our team, we’ve seen a steady month-over-month increase in our web traffic. She is invaluable in helping us manage, create, refresh and optimize our content marketing. We definitely see a return on our investment.”

–Maura Thomas, Speaker/Trainer/Author

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If you’re a creative entrepreneur struggling to find the time for content, I’m uniquely qualified to help you. Why? Because I’ve been in your shoes.

I’m an award-winning author who partnered with the Random House publishing team to market my first book—all while I was writing my second book and speaking to audiences nationwide. At the time, it felt impossible to keep up with my blogging, social media, and website.

I know what kind of fuel marketing requires, and I know how—if you don’t plan carefully—it can pull you away from your core work.

Now I’m a certified content marketer with an expertise in brand analysis and Search Engine Optimization. And I’m ready to help your business soar.

“Shana Burg is an absolute delight to work with! With her help, my website copy came alive in a new way. Her suggestions were clear and concise, and she helped organize my website content to make more sense for my readers. I highly recommend Shana for all your content and copywriting needs.”

–Jan Goss-Gibson, Speaker/Executive Coach/Author