A Thousand Never Evers


Random House published my book for teens in 2008. It won many awards and is available as an audiobook as well. Learn more here.

Laugh with the Moon


Next came this book, also for teens. It also won awards across the country. Read more here.

Ready or Not


I had the honor of helping the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team edit their important book about college readiness.

New Designs


I’ve been publishing education articles for many, many years. (Do I have to say how many?) Here you can see an actual print story from way back when.

The Boston Globe


As I started my teaching career, I published several stories about the journey. This one was featured on the front page of The Boston Globe’s education section, which was pretty exciting.

Kidu Social Media Ads

Social Media

As you know, times changed. I worked as head of content for an educational app called kidu. Working closely with the art director, I wrote the copy for many social media ads to promote this parenting education app.



Again, collaborating with the art director, I wrote all web copy.

Maura Thomas

Content Management & Strategy

Maura Thomas is an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer and author. She helps companies increase productivity through attention management. I manage Maura’s editorial calendar and work on search engine optimization for her blog.

Jan Goss-Gibson

Content Management & Strategy

Jan Goss-Gibson is a renowned executive coach. She helps companies create profitable cultures through strategic planning and civility training. I helped Jan edit copy and organize content for her new website.

SAS Travel Wallet

Mobile App

So you know how one thing leads to another? Well, I found myself working as director of communications at a fintech company. I worked closely with the UX team to develop wording and flows for the mobile app.

SAS Travel Wallet


I wrote the script and worked with the producer on this product video.

SAS Travel Wallet


And I also managed the content calendar and edited this SEO-optimized blog. Sometimes I also wrote posts. Making it even more interesting, all of the bloggers except for me were from Scandinavia.

Velocity Global Wallet


I supervised creative talent and wrote the script for this product video.

Campaign Monitor


This post was part of a series of posts for an email marketing company. I used keywords to optimize it for Google.

The Bathtubber

SEO-Optimized Blogging

I love taking baths! I’ve created this blog for people who like to relax in the tub as much as I do. When you’re done laughing, please check it out.